Monday, 4 March 2013

Lanarts Update March 4th, 2013

New release, ready for download!

It is recommended you move with WASD, melee with H, fire spells with YUIOP, mouse controls for everything else.
Mouse controls for spells are fairly suboptimal at the moment.

Additionally, 1 to 9 for inventory slots 1 through 9.
Right click is needed to drop items, however.

So it's been 2 months since I felt like compiling this thing on Windows ... damn. About time for another lanarts release !
I hope sincerely to go back to a biweekly release schedule.

Major changes:
  • Enemies now do not regen health a bit after hit. This makes enemy packs a lot less annoying. [Credit for idea goes to serprex]
  • Floating point strictness flags turned out to help a lot with the remaining syncing issues.
  • Saving the game is much more streamlined -- now you simply need to exit (via shift+escape) and the game will automatically save. Reload the game and hit Continue (or enter), and your game is loaded. I feel comfortable having this the default now since I haven't run into any save-file bugs in a good amount of time.
  • Victory screen added, you can win the game now !
  • Scoreboard added, with stats for your previous characters, whether you won, etc. Navigate it with arrow keys/pageup&down if you have a lot of entries.
Minor changes:
  • Made it easier to distinguish walls and floor in the brick&hive tileset
  • A lot more code was brought to the lua side, including the menu implementation. The scripting is becoming quite mature, and the game much more engine-like. Documentation to come !
  • Unit tests moved fully to use UnitTest++
  • Network debug mode was fixed, logging was made more verbose. Diff'ing logs proved to be very effective rooting out syncing issues.
  • Game pausing and the steps_per_draw setting work again.
  • Minor balancing to spells
  • Added key display overlay for spells, and FPS counter in corner
  • Moved the wide-open and difficult floor 4 layout to floor 7
  • More options for hosting games, and the server's options now override client options (whereas before they could be weirdly out of sync)
Special thanks to putterson for all the online & LAN testing.


I do not yet provide linux packages, please do kick me if they'd be useful for you.

git clone --depth 1

If you are missing dependencies on Linux (probably the case) please run either for Fedora, or for Debian or Ubuntu.


Please direct any bugs and inqueries either as a github issue, a comment on this blog, a post on the #lanarts freenode channel, or an email to Feedback very welcome !

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