Friday, 8 March 2013

7DayRL Competition!

OK, this will look silly in case I don't complete, but I will be joining the 7day roguelike competition!

I will be teaming up with putterson (who does occasional work on lanarts with me) and REZ (who I previously did a Halloween competition with, resulting in Carny Death Peddlers). The hope is to have a tiles-mode with ASCII.

I'll say at this point to save myself from potential foolishness that any potential failing of the competition will be due to being too ambitious with too little free time, and not because of lack of interest!

Anyway, cautiously optimistic.

I'd discuss the game idea but they're going to change a buttload -- and we'll find out soon enough, ain't it ?

So plans are to use libtcod & Python. It won't be my first game in Python but it'll be my first graphical one. So far just learning libtcod and going through the tutorials, but I find it straight-forward. It's funny how well suited libtcod is for this competition.