Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Carny Death Peddlers is Released!

A classic beat-em up.

Download Page: here
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I mentioned I was on a break from lanarts. I was not slacking! I don't think I could keep myself from coding if I tried.

  • Amazing animated pixel art by Clay Bullard
  • Catchy tunes by Glock & Mr8bit
  • Fun, classic beat'em'up gameplay with a fair bit of polish
The game is 2 stages long, with 2 bosses. Lots of hard work was put into getting this game done in a small timeframe (~1 month and 2 weeks), I hope you enjoy!

Note: This is a Windows-only game, unforunately. However this game seems to work smoothly, albeit without sound effects, under WINE.

From the README:
Welcome to Carny Death Peddlers, a classic-style beatemup with a simple plot.

Made by:
    ludamad aka Adam Domurad - programming, sound effects
    REZ aka Clay Bullard - art, content design
    Glock and mr8bit - music, testing

    Saving is automatic at the start of every battle.
    You know when a battle starts because "FIGHT!" text will appear.
    Progress before the next battle starts will not be saved.

    s - charge punch when held, normal punch
    d - push
    z - backslide
    x - block
    space - use reserve item

    m - mute
    p - pause
       The following controls were not documented in-game (Unfortunately it cannot be modified, they will probably be added in an update):
    enter - skip text
    F4 - toggle fullscreen


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