Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lanarts ARRP Release!

Screen shot showing off redone configuration screen
Download: here

Another release in a short time - this one focused on the setup menu mainly.
This release aligns with the ARRP:
Here are the changes since a few days ago, see also the last post for recent changes:
  • Made the last boss harder
  • Made less difficult enemies spawn in later levels
  • Simplified startup screen into a single 'start' button, press enter to continue. Escape no longer continues.
  • Speed setting added to start menu, I recommend default setting. 


  1. Really enjoy playing this game, keep it up =)

  2. Thanks! While I'm taking about a month off from development, I will definitely pour much effort into this game, until it is a grand adventure.

  3. I gave the game a try and I must say I enjoyed it. I was thinking of helping on the graphical side, though that is not my usual style. Good work though.

  4. Thanks for the interest!
    I'm really hoping to improve it in many areas. Graphical help would be awesome! We can discuss it on #lanarts on Freenode, or by email (domuradical at gmail).

    1. Sorry I haven't emailed you yet. I'm currently in college and it's killing my time. Except a email on 17th of December though if I don't do it earlier.

    2. No worries. Progress on the programming side isn't being held up by anything, so I'm fine with contributors taking their time.