Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lanarts Update September 11th, 2012

Screen shot showing off redone equipment system
Download: here
Recent changes:
  • Lots of new types of equipment! In addition to the previous single armour slot there are now two ring slots, a glove slot, a boots slot and a helmets slot. Items spawn and can be found in shops for each equipment type.
  • Redone equipment system where equipment shows in inventory.
  • Greatly improved the code for top-bar descriptions of items and things, now guaranteed to be formatted nicely as small as 640x480 (This is the smallest I expect the game to be run, use settings.yaml to change resolution if need be, it defaults to quite large).
  • Equipment tab now shows all new equipment slots and can be used to see which slots must still be filled.
  • Some new weapons, thanks to gigimoi.
  • A few slime enemies and a spider added, thanks to gigimoi.
  • Enemies no longer stack in tight (1-tile) corridors! This has been long overdue (it was hard to think of a good way to do it for technical reasons) and makes tight corridors a lot safer. (For the curious, previously enemy's more or less ignored collisions with each other when they were in corridors).
  • Last boss made beatable again... :)

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