Thursday, 22 August 2013

Lanarts release 12, now with overworld!

New release, here is the download for Windows!
Source-code for this release: Source

This one was pretty delayed. It's about time I released a version with some of the large recent changes.

The game does not provide much instruction (the README is woefully outdated), but your mission currently is to clear the dungeon that has warning skulls near it. You begin near the first of two dungeons.

It is recommended you move with WASD, melee with H, fire spells with YUIOP, mouse controls for everything else. Mouse controls for spells are fairly suboptimal at the moment.

Additionally, 1 to 9 for inventory slots 1 through 9.
Right click is needed to drop items, however.

Screenshots and Changes

Major changes:
  • There is now an overworld with multiple dungeons!
  • As a result, almost all the areas in the game have been majorly revamped. The red dragon is now on the overworld, a different boss resides in the first dungeon.
  • There is now a new logo, courtesy of Kevin Siapno.
  • Two new spells - Minor Missile, a mana-conserving Mage spell, and Expedite, an archer spell that causes them to move much faster for a short time. 
  • Poison Cloud has been moved from the Mage to the Archer. 
  • Magic Blast is now a 3rd-level Mage spell.
  • Minimap is much more visible. You can click to adjust zoom level, right click to look around.
  • [Code-only] The Lua code has been refactored to be much more modular, and has grown significantly. The area generation code has been rewritten (and improved, in the process) in Lua.
Too many minor changes to list. If curious, you can always check the commit logs.

Special thanks to Matt Simon, Steven Trumble, putterson, and the 2013 Toronto Red Hat interns, for their help testing the game. Thanks as well to Kevin Siapno for the original logo.

Downloads and Discussion


Compiling on Linux is very easy!
Download the source here: Source
-or- if you want the very latest updates:
git clone --depth 1

Then from the folder you extracted or cloned to:

This will build and then run the game. If you are missing dependencies on Linux (probably the case) please run either for Fedora, or for Debian or Ubuntu.

I do not yet provide linux packages, please do kick me if they'd be useful for you.

Other systems:
The game has been written to be very cross-platform; however it has not yet been tried on Mac or other systems. Anyone willing to help try Lanarts on a different platform is asked graciously to email


Please direct any bugs, comments, or inquiries either as a github issue, a comment on this blog, or through IRC or email:

IRC Channel: #lanarts at freenode
Contact Email:

Feedback very welcome !

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