Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lanarts Development

A screenshot featuring recently added animals & tileset.
Added sprites are from Dungeon Crawl.
Daily development on lanarts continues.

Windows binary snapshot: download

Recent changes:
  • Playing with getting the balance back in order. The recent stat overhaul has mixed things up a bit considerably. Before enemies use to scale as you got further with a simple formula, that has been taken out, in favour of static enemy difficulties. This has caused a lot of rethinking of content.
  • As a result, a weaker batch of enemies were added to the beginning, the animals (sheep, rat, hound).
  • Quite a bit of code-base refactoring. I hope to soon have AI controlled allies, and generally, monsters that fight each other. The code paths for the players and enemies was considerably merged.
  • Certain monsters now leave blood puddles.
  • Projectile weapons have been added. These include bows with two kinds of arrows, and stones.
  • Small user interface usability niceness:
    • Right click around the minimap to see previously explored areas. 
    • Right click items to drag them onto other inventory slots. Drag onto same slot to drop. 
    • Left click on action bar to select current action. 
    • Right click on weapon/projectile in action bar to de-equip it.
  • Random level generation mark-up format has been expanded. For a variety of things, an ability to specify a number of random variations was added. The levels are hopefully more varied now.
  • For now, permanent death was made not the default. You now spawn on the level right below.

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