Wednesday, 27 June 2012

LAN with lanarts

Windows binary snapshot: download

It's in the game title, so I'll describe how you can play lanarts over a LAN. 

First some notes:
  • The same mechanism works over the internet ... albeit horrendously slow. I wouldn't bother attempting this until the issue is solved completely with some sort of client side prediction. There is nothing about these steps that is actually unique to a LAN though.
  • The game has been known to get out of synch sometimes. The problem seems to be worse on different architectures, so best results would probably be on as close as possible OS & architecture (eg 32 or 64 bit) as possible.
  • More than 2 player, while not hard to do, has not yet been in demand. This is therefore for 2 people for the time being. 
So, here's how its done:
  1. Go into the folder where you have lanarts extracted (if you are building from source, then go into the source folder), and open the file res/settings.yaml
  2. Edit the network settings to be something like this:
    #Network settings
    connection_type: host OR client
    ip: <Enter host IP here>
    port: 6112  
     Please note that you should use a local IP for LAN purposes. You can arbitrarily choose one person to host, one person to be client. The ip field is not required for the host.
  3.  Have both players start the game. The game attempts to connect once you get past the menu. The host should hit 'start' first, and then wait for the client to connect.

    Both players should now be connected and playing! Synching issues aside the game plays quite well and is quite fun to play co-operatively. This will be a major focus of future development, as the aim is to create a fun co-op RPG.

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