Monday, 16 July 2012

Lanarts Update July 16, 2012

A screenshot showing off the Monsters Seen tab.
Daily development on lanarts continues. 
Active development taking place on as mentioned last post.

Windows binary snapshot: here

Recent changes:

  • Replay system - play back and saving of replays
  • Better menu - but not by much. Now you can chose to run a single player game, make a replay of your run, play back a replay, and host server/connect to server.
  • Two new spells, one gained at level 3 that does damage over time and weakens enemies, and one gained at level 6 that damages all enemies in vision. Both are extremely subject-to-change. Blink has been made a normal spell which brings me to the...
  • Complete overhaul of the control scheme, along with lots of hard-code being removed. Controls now use yuiop to choose spell slots 1 to 5. Holding the same button after choosing the spell will cast the spell. H now always uses your weapon. J/space/left click use the last used spell/weapon. Mouse wheel & q/e & < > are available to toggle through spells. Using items remains as numbers 1 through 9.
    Currently I have a lot of variations to see whats comfortable.
  • LAN play much more stable now - known issues still exist, but occur much less often. A LAN playthrough to the end of the game (11 floors + last boss) has been done, for the first time.
  • First game over the internet that wasn't horrendously slow ! Hopefully incremental progress will render this playable while a better network model (lots of work) is done. Update: Followed up by an even more decent game. Things are looking good here.
  • Spells are completely defined by lua + yaml now, this will greatly speed up progress in this area. Hopefully there are people more inclined to contribute via scripting.

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